Monday, 29 July 2013

for johnny,

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way back when

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E.P cover art I did for Seb, check it out

for vivianna,

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blind drawing is the best kind of drawing

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henry's sweet tatt,

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heavier than heaven

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An illustrated biography.

oh london,

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if you're 555, then i'm 666

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how bout it?

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finally got the design I posted a while back on my arm, and I also got a thai elephant. Both done by Nasko at Butterfly Tattoo in Hanwell. Couldn't be happier with them and I'm just itching to get more and more.
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webcam photos because i can't be bothered

Mr. Ale

Some prep work for a project I did at uni called Meet The Regulars.
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Unfortunately the final pieces are still at uni somewhere, will hopefully get them back at some point...yeah, hopefully.

my thai travels sketchbook

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the greatest people you will ever meet,

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The Musician
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The Writer

hey girl,

So it's been a year since I last posted anything and in that time i've moved out of the parents home, adopted a kitten, finished my art foundation, started University, quit University, visited Thailand and got 3 more tattoos. I've decided it's about time I got back into blogging, so for my first post here's an Adventure Time stitching dedicated to the Tart Toter's epic Monologue. It's hopefully the first of many flags that will be part of me and nadia's "all these things we love" bunting for our humble abode.
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